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Invest, save, and spend in Gold… Ever hear of BitGold?


For centuries, gold has been the standard of currency worldwide and gold is widely considered the most stable commodity in the world. Smart investors know that gold should be part of every strong portfolio but for many buying gold is a little confusing and most people just don’t realize how liquid owning  gold can be, and how quickly the price of gold can rise from day to day.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to tap into gold’s buying power instantly, anywhere, and always take advantage of the upturns in value? Well, this is what BitGold is all about and we’ve done our research on this new and exciting opportunity just for our subscribers and readers!

The Problem

The age-old problems with backing your savings and investments with gold has been some of the following…

  1. Lock up- Having your money locked up in gold and not being able to liquidate quickly to access cash.
  2. Large upfront investment- For many, thinking of taking away from your tight monthly budget to invest or save in gold is a tough cookie to swallow, and often leads to an interested individual doing nothing.
  3. Hassle to liquidate to turn into cash- If you’ve invested in physical gold then often times you will already be in possession of your gold or you must request your gold to be sent to you. Once you have it, you have the hassle of trying to find a buyer or settle for a less than market price from a wholesale buyer.

BitGold created the solution

If you could erase all these problematic roadblocks would you feel confident in saving and investing in this priceless and stable currency/commodity? Here is how BitGold addresses these problems…bitgold-7

  1. NO Lock up- With BitGold, there is no lock-up period and you can turn your gold liquid at any time by having it wired to your bank account or spend it on your BitGold Mastercard Debit Card... yes that's right, they offer a Mastercard that is attached to your account balance! More on that in a minute...
  2. NO Large upfront investment- BitGold has set this up perfectly for anyone to save and invest in gold because there are zero minimums. You can invest $1 or $1,000,000!
  3. NO hassle to liquidate to turn into cash- So back to that nifty Mastercard Debit Card we spoke of... BitGold provides you with a Debit Card that is attached to your account balance and it can be used at any time and anywhere Visa/Mastercard are accepted, even ATM's! It doesn't get much more liquid than that!

BitGold has very quickly and successfully taken the best of today’s online payments technology and coupled it with a globally recognized store of value in gold. -BitGold CEO


BitGold gives you the buying power of gold at your fingertips

At our goal is to constantly be seeking the best opportunities for our readers and subscribers and to always be looking for the next best thing, and believe us when we say the best is yet to come, especially in the world of finance, banking, and income opportunities. Don’t believe the doom and gloom…the human race always survives, thrives, and makes improvements. We’re still here aren’t we?

So, when we first heard about BitGold we were very curious of course and we did extensive research and vetting of this new system for acquiring gold and tapping into its wealth and here’s just a few things we discovered about how BitGold works…

  • You are able to acquire gold at the cheapest price possible with no minimums
  • You own “physical” gold, not notes or promissory instruments, etc.
  • You get free storage at private vaults secured by Brinks in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, and Zurich, among others
  • Your gold is 100% insured.
  • You can “spend” the value of your gold…plus profits…via your own Debit Card and the company has many advantageous reasons you will want to take advantage of this. You have to check it out because it’s revolutionary.

Check out BitGold and how easy it is to sign up today!




How does it work…

bitgold-debit-cardBitGold’s business model is simple “To help make gold accessible to the world” and that’s exactly what they do by “reintroducing gold and making it easy to buy, store, redeem, and spend”

Think of it this way…BitGold takes the most popular precious metal on earth, the one precious metal that has stood the test of time, and is the “standard” of wealth and monetary systems around the world and made this spending power available to you with the swipe of a debit card, making an already incredibly liquid asset even easier to tap into. We love this concept, and that’s why we are recommending you take a closer look yourself.

Backed by leading investor groups…

Bitgold is back by the following investment groups... furthering their stability and legitimacy as a revolutionary platform allowing individuals to buy, invest, save and spend in gold.

  1. Dundee Capital Markets
  2. Sprott Inc.
  3. PowerOne Capital Markets Limited
  4. Sandstorm Gold
  5. Clarus Securities Inc.
  6. GMP Securities
  7. CANACCORD Genuity

BitGold is for real…

We fully vetted the company and found that EVERYTHING checks out, from ownership, experience, finances, customers, etc. As a testament to their business stature, they recently just bought their biggest competitor for just under $60 million dollars, and made a bold move to show their here to stay by hiring the former head of Paypal Canada, Darrell MacMullin, as their new CEO.

We went to and immediately entered our name, email address, and some other basic info. We also had to confirm our email address of course and we just consider that another sign of true professionalism in this company. After completing these extremely simple steps, we were able to access our account portal on the BitGold site.

Once on the site we could peruse all the information about how BitGold works and it was all laid out very simple and easy to understand. Everything we needed to know was there and their customer support was very friendly, knowledge and accurate. So, we have to give the experience two thumbs up on that from the get-go.

Also, and this is very important as there are some things we have NOT experienced from simply creating an account at BitGold in order to learn more, and that is we have not been spammed in our email or harassed in any way. No, these folks know they have a great thing going and let the people come to them and that they are in this for the long haul… another great sign we look for in a company.

Check out BitGold and how easy it is to sign up today!





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